Geotag Silt Curtain is a flexible curtain membrane that is made of high strength woven material with floats that suspend the curtain in the water together with the mooring system to stabilize the whole silt protection system.


Silt Curtain Specification

Properties Test Method Unit SC100 SC150 SC200
Wide Width Tensile Strength ASTM        
Warp D 4595-86 kN/m 100 150 200
Left     100 150 200
Elongation at Max Tensile strength ASTM        
Warp D 4595-86 % 15 15 15
Left     15 15 15

General Site Condition For Using The Silt Curtain

Type Site Condition System Type Min Chain Weight (kg/m)
1 Area outside of breakwater SC200 5
2 Area with natural sheltered, bay, extended delta SC150 3
3 Well sheltered area, lakes SC100 2